Drew Rodgers

I live in Norway with my wife, Inger, and our cat T.J. Maxx and teach International Business Communications at Oslo University College School of Business.

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Family Reunion

Published on Wednesday 30. January 2013

I’ve been away for five weeks in Brazil and Ecuador. I’m guessing that you probably didn’t notice, but anyway, I’m back. While I was in Quito at a restaurant I observed an American family reunion: grandparents, son and wife and two teenage daughters, three generations.  During the entire meal, I saw flashes from four cell phones discretely hidden below table level. The grandparents talked to their son and got a few responses, but the other three were too occupied to be bothered. I wondered what the grandparents were thinking, but I can guess that they may have wondered why they had spent so much money to bring their family so far to experience three generations separated by four cell phones.

PS I promise no more reflections on cell phones. I’ve ridden this hobby horse long enough.

Adult Puberty

Published on Sunday 16. December 2012

You would think that adults would grow up and grow out of puberty, but if you watch them playing with their cell phone, you might reach a different conclusion. I observed a mother and teenage daughter at a café. The mother was obsessed with her cell phone and no matter what the daughter did, she couldn’t get any contact. The daughter finally gave up, looked out into space with a sad look on her face. The mother was bound, but the two were unbonded.

Cats and Living in the NOW

Cats are always where they’re at. One reason is that they don’t carry cell phones.

Dear Mr. Joyce

Published on Thursday 13. December 2012

I thought that I would share with you, wherever you are, a thought that I received in a rejection letter from St. Martin’s Press on my novel “John, Waldo and Henrietta.” In the letter I was informed by the editors that “we both felt that your style was very Joycian, and while your writing is good, it would have to be great to make it the kind of success we would both want.” So if you can get on a Ouija board, I would like to share some thoughts with you since we have similar styles. If you have access to Internet where you are, you can access the first chapter of my novel at drewrodgers.com and I would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts. If you are wondering what this has to do with the cat focus of this blog, Waldo and Henrietta are cats.


Drew Rodgers, unpublished novelist

Give Me a Cat Any Day

Published on Monday 5. March 2012

You probably have not thought of cats as a replacement for kids, but then you haven’t seen my You Tube video, which you can now. Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to change your family plans or solve the world’s population problem, just give you a chuckle. So fasten your seat belt, turn on your sense of humor and off we go on a journey into a new world of parenting.

Cats rather than kids

Published on Sunday 4. March 2012

If you think it’s better to have kids rather than cats, then we have to talk.

I have 50 indisputable reasons in favor of having cats in a new book “Give Me a Cat Any Day: Why Prospective Parents Should Seriously Consider Having Cats Rather Than Kids.” You’ll get to see the other 30 when I find a publisher. If you happen to know of one please let me know at drew.rodgers43@gmail.com.

Reason 1

Parents’ role is rapidly changing from parenting to being service providers. Rumor has it that some parents spend so much time driving that they are applying for a Teamsters’ card. Due to the activity mania families are spending more time on the road to various training than being a family. If you have to have kids and not just cats, here is a piece of advice. Wouldn’t spending quality time with family and naturally with your cat be more soul assuaging?

Check out a cat’s activity schedule for a little perspective.

Stay tuned for new reasons coming soon.