Drew Rodgers

I live in Norway with my wife, Inger, and our cat T.J. Maxx and teach International Business Communications at Oslo University College School of Business.

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John, Waldo & Henrietta

Published on Monday 24. February 2014

My novel, “John, Waldo and Henrietta” is now available as on Amazon and I Books.

Thanks, Ted

Published on Thursday 31. October 2013

Ted Cruz was interviewed on Norwegian television and I want to thank him for clearing up the cause of the massive job loss in the United States. His conclusion was simply: «The number one job killer in America is Obamacare.» The only trouble I have with this, Ted, is that The  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was not passed and is still not fully implemented, long after the job meltdown began. From this side of the Atlantic, it is mystifying how much disinformation is disseminated in the United States, not to menion how many people swallow it. Another thing that puzzles me is how you, as a U.S. Senator, can enjoy a tax payer funded health care plan, while trying to deny one to average Joes.

Who Needs Foreign Enemies?

Published on Saturday 26. October 2013

At least the United States doesn’t. They do a good job of producing enemies at home, enough to eventually bring down the whole country. When banks are saved and people lose their homes and the fat cats who brought on the crisis are «too big to jail,» then we already have a great start. When salaries stagnate over 30 years for productive workers, so productive that people at the top pocket huge profits, then who needs foreign enemies? When the wealth is so maldistributed that one family owns as much wealth as one-third of all Americans and that the upper 1% owns 40% of the total wealth, well foreign enemies can just sit back and wait for the implosion. They know that inequality will eventually bring down the U.S. as Josepth Stiglitz has clearly documented in his The Price of Inequality. When right-wing loonies feel that the tax cuts given to the upper uppers by another right wing loony from the same state as Loony Numéro Uno in the Senate, and then try to block raising the deficit ceiling, which could have been avoided by an equitable tax system, then what’s to need of foreign enemies. An interesting footnote is that the two Bushleaguers and Reagan raised the national debt $9.1 trillion and the debt ceiling time after time. Nothing wrong with a bit of hypocriscy, n’est-pas? But if the U.S. does need foreign enemies, they are well on their way to getting a bushel full by spying on foreign leaders. So when history looks back on these developments, historians will only have one conclusion. They will add one nation to Toynbee’s famous conclusion that most great nations have declined from within.

Family Reunion

Published on Wednesday 30. January 2013

I’ve been away for five weeks in Brazil and Ecuador. I’m guessing that you probably didn’t notice, but anyway, I’m back. While I was in Quito at a restaurant I observed an American family reunion: grandparents, son and wife and two teenage daughters, three generations.  During the entire meal, I saw flashes from four cell phones discretely hidden below table level. The grandparents talked to their son and got a few responses, but the other three were too occupied to be bothered. I wondered what the grandparents were thinking, but I can guess that they may have wondered why they had spent so much money to bring their family so far to experience three generations separated by four cell phones.

PS I promise no more reflections on cell phones. I’ve ridden this hobby horse long enough.

Adult Puberty

Published on Sunday 16. December 2012

You would think that adults would grow up and grow out of puberty, but if you watch them playing with their cell phone, you might reach a different conclusion. I observed a mother and teenage daughter at a café. The mother was obsessed with her cell phone and no matter what the daughter did, she couldn’t get any contact. The daughter finally gave up, looked out into space with a sad look on her face. The mother was bound, but the two were unbonded.

Cats and Living in the NOW

Cats are always where they’re at. One reason is that they don’t carry cell phones.