Drew Rodgers

I live in Norway with my wife, Inger, and our cat T.J. Maxx and teach International Business Communications at Oslo University College School of Business.

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GMO Foods: Are We Human Guinea Pigs

Published on Wednesday 20. May 2015

If you eat Genetically Modified (GMO) foods and as up to 90% of some foods are GMO, you should watch this video.
One frightening fact is that no research has been published on GMO foods’ effects on humans. As you will see in the video, the effects on animals are frightening. Some of the effects include organ damage, infertility, multiple system failure, immune system failure, cancer and dramatically higher death rates. One of the most frightening effects is that the GMO proteins can be reproduced in our DNA and their negative effect can be permanent in our bodies.
And why isn’t there any published research on the impact on humans? Some has been conducted, but is stopped either at the university level or the government administrative level, simply because companies such as Monsanto and Dow presssure or infiltrate these institutions and stop any attempts. You remember when ¬†tobacco wasn’t a detriment to your health or DDT was good because it killed weeds, not to mention Round Up which is still “good”. Most scientist feel that GMO foods are the next on the list of safe products, which later prove to be the opposite. The only difference is that GMO foods will affect the entire world and if the effect on humans is the same as on animals, well, bon appetit.

Cat Lover

Published on Monday 11. May 2015

I have always had cats until recently because we travel so much that it would be unfair to them. The few times we travelled when we had TJ Maxx and Filene and left their care to a neighbor, they made it quite clear that this was not acceptable. I am trying to capture my love of cats in a works-in-progress book entitled “Give Me a Cat Any Day: Why Perspective Parents Should Seriously Consider Having Cats Rather Than Kids.” I say work-in-progress which is a slight overstatement as my illustrator refuses to illustrate any more reasons until I get a publisher. However, if you scroll down to page 6 you can see how far we have gotten. And if you know of or are a publisher please get in touch. I have also recorded a couple of songs in honor of our cats. The song “Sourpuss” is dedicated to Filene who was one sour puss. She wouldn’t let herself be held and only on rare occasions petted. But we loved her inspite of her disposition. Click on my two songs and enjoy.


Blues for My Two Dead Cats

A Health Tip

Published on Tuesday 5. May 2015

I hadn’t really thought about turning this web site into a health column, but there are two very potent health foods that I think you should know about. They are tumeric and ginger. My wife and I mix a teaspoon of tumeric and a pinch of black pepper in a glass of orange juice for breakfast. In addtion, we eat a slice of raw ginger sweetened with Acacia honey. Below you will find the reasons we do this.

0.2% = $270 Billion

Published on Monday 27. April 2015

If the Republicans control both the presidentcy and Congress after the 2016 election, they plan on abolishing the estate tax, a tax on inheritance. But as it stands, it only is on inheritance over $5 million which would affect 0.2% of the population, the fat cats. It would cost $270 billion, tax money which could be used for schools, health care and improving our infrastructure. If there was any doubt, it is quite clear that the Republicans are the party of the 1%. This is just one more reason why I have serious questions about where the U.S. is heading. What can come of a nation where more and more power is falling in the hands of the very people who intend to insure that the quality of life of the majority is reduced?

The Boiled American Frog

Published on Wednesday 22. April 2015

Americans with an average salary or lower who vote for Republicans are simply turning up the heat under the kettle. The analogy is such that if you drop a frog into boiling water, it will jump out immediately. However, if you put it in luke warm water, let it get accustomed to it and then slowly turn up the heat, ¬†before it knows what is happening, it will get boiled. If you put a whole nation into the same situation, and let’s call the water market liberalism, the same thing can happen. You give a little fat cat tax break here and a little market deregulation there, cut a little from programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Food Stamps, take away collective bargaining from state workers, abolish estate tax add a little Citizens United allowing the likes of the Koch brothers to buy elections and soon you will have a boiled frog, only the frog won’t be a frog.