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Publisert Thursday 1. March 2012

Give Me A Cat Any Day. Click on the picture to have a look.

Give Me a Cat Any Day: Why Prospective Parents Should Seriously Consider Having Cats Rather than Kids

Click on the picture to view 20 reasons for having cats rather than kids

Cats as Gurus

Publisert Wednesday 29. February 2012

Observing cats is an education in itself. No other animal, human or otherwise, can enjoy life as much while being totally laid back, that is, unless there is a mouse, another cat or a dog in the vicinity. Watching their body language is an integral part of the education they can provide us.. They move with grace, stretch with enjoyment, purr their contentment, nuzzle with affection and then go off to assert their independence. One might conclude that they are egotistical, getting what they want and then turning their back on us. But, independence and affection are not contradictions, just a well integrated combination in a cat’s personality.

The passing of our cat

Publisert Wednesday 29. February 2012

Our cat T.J. Maxx couldn’t keep down his food and so we had to put him down. We spent his last days with him, allowing him to sleep with us. He showed his consideration, in when having to throw up, he jumped onto the wood floor, threw up and then hopped back in bed so as to not soil the bedding. His last day he spent in my lap being coddled until the vet came to put him down. I carried him out to the vet’s car after he was put to sleep, thanked him for everything he had given to us and said goodbye. There is saying that “No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your clothing.” We carry T.J. Maxx with us in both places.

Taxes We Love to Pay

Publisert Thursday 19. May 2011

“If you cheat the government, you cheat yourself” A line from a 1930’s film suggests the importance of paying taxes, and living in Norway, I pay a lot, but I don’t complain. Taxes help the government provide for the general welfare. No, this is not socialism. When I tell people here that complaining about paying taxes is a national pastime in the United States, they look puzzled. And when I tell them that some Americans even think that paying taxes is unconstitutional, they look shocked. ” What’s their idea of a society,” they ask. I facetiously say, “300 million people who happened to wind up at the same place at the same time,” and they say “oh,” and look fondly at their Norwegian passport.

DWT (Driving While Teenager)

Publisert Tuesday 25. January 2011

Click on reason 9: Most cats never reach the legal driving age. Most kids do.