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Ignoring Trump

Publisert Saturday 13. July 2019

What if the news media started ignoring Trump? Did not go to his press conferences to hear the lies? Did not go to his rallies with the necessary body guards? Did not give him the media exposure that only strengthens his position with his base and only repeats what we already know? Take him off the TV screen and the front page? Treat him like a non entity? What if the Democratic candidates dropped their beat Trump approach and focused on their program to really Make America Great Again? It might just work so why not try it? At least it would be a crushing blow to his ego encephalitis.

The last nail in democracy’s coffin

Publisert Thursday 27. June 2019

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled along political lines 5-4 that Gerrymandering was legal. Thus the U.S. which was already ranked 21st in the world in terms of how democratic (undemocratic) it was, will slide down the slippery slope to more undemocracy. This is sad in two ways. First, the Supreme Court has ceased to be an objective interpreter of the U.S. constitution and is now simply a political tool. Second, all elections for the House of Representatives will be rigged as the Governor in power in a state and his/her croonies will be able to draw up the state’s districts in their favor.

Add to this, we have a president who denies the causes of climate change and does everything he can to assure its disastrous effects. This president feels that democracy is irrelevant to his agenda and that he can dictate to the world. He feels that he can tell the Turks where they can buy missiles and where the Germans and Danes can buy their oil and gas. In fact, he feels that he can black mail and extort the entire world. He even goes so far as to threaten individuals, in one case, the heads of INSTEX who are trying to establish an alternative to the dollar-based SWIFT currency transfer system in an attempt to circumvent the sanctions on Iran.

I will soon be closing my blog. I don’t see the point any more. We will have to live out our lives in hope that the immanent disasters do not manifest themselves. However, I personallly don’t see how they can be avoided. All I can say is good luck. We are going to need it.

A little humor

Publisert Friday 3. May 2019

For a little humor and a new approach to family planning go to pages 13 and 14.Enjoy.

Our Future

Publisert Tuesday 15. January 2019

Let’s take a look at the future of our planet. The meeting in Poland to save our planet had an ironic twist given that 80% of Poland’s energy comes from coal. The amount of US carbon emissions rose by 3.4% in 2018. The number of oil rigs in operation is on the rise. Then there are problems with the depletion of aquafers, soil erosion, heavy metals and poisons in the food chain, plastic in the oceans and its residents and unsustainable levels of debt due to the over consumption which leads to increased greenhouse gases not to mention the potential for economic collapse.
The problem is that each country wants to protect its own economy and its leaders are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to mount an international effort to save the planet. A good example is Norway, where I live, which tries to profile itself as a crusader for a green development while its oil and gas production is scheduled to rise until 2024. And politicians spread empty platitudes about saving the planet when, in fact, we are destroying it and crossing our fingers that technology will save it.
But the planet will save itself after vindictively attacking the perpetrators of its decline. According to scientist we will face catastrophes that we have never seen before involving floods, rising sea levels, drought, hunger, the spread of disease. Mass migration will threaten industrialized countries in the migrants’ futile attempt to survive.
Recent data shows that 50 mammalian species are “critically endangered (possibly extinct).” We are in the process of wiping out our fellow mammals. So even though we are at the top of the species “food chain,” our time will come. The question is what we plan to do about it. Not only for us, but especially for our children and grandchildren. Time is running out.

State of the Union

Publisert Tuesday 8. January 2019

Next month President Trump will hold the annual State of the Union address in Congress. The question is what is the state of the union? Heads of government should reflect that state and espouse the ideals of that state. Trump’s tweets express hate, violence, bigotry, division, racisms and America first and the world be damned. Yet his followers say that “he tells it like it is.” One can wonder what that “is” is and what it tells us about the state of the union both morally and ethically. Are human rights and international relations irrelevant? One can easily draw the conclusion that the state of union is not only in a very sorry state but also a dangerous one for both the United States and the world.