Drew Rodgers

I live in Norway with my wife, Inger, and our cat T.J. Maxx and teach International Business Communications at Oslo University College School of Business.

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A recent study revealed that over half of the middle class is just hanging there and they felt that politicians had betrayed them. In their frustration and anger, they sought relief in Donald Trump. When they bet their last dollar on him, they had to believe it was well spent and delude themselves regardless of what happened. Thus an explanation for their loyalty to the one man wrecking crew now residing in the White House; the one who is destroying the environment, alienating our traditional allies, widening the gap between the upper uppers and the rest of us, initiating a devastating trade war, weakening consumer protection so that predators from Wall Street can prey on us, wrenching children from their parents’ arms, tearing the safety net from under us, trampling on our traditional values though his tweets, and making us the laughing stock of the entire world. His supporters continue to believe in him and delude themselves saying look at the stock market and the unemployment rate. What they don’t see is this all could go south when the impact of his trade war kicks in. And what else they don’t see is that Trump is eroding the very pillars of our democracy. The question is will they wake before it is too late.

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