Drew Rodgers

I live in Norway with my wife, Inger, and our cat T.J. Maxx and teach International Business Communications at Oslo University College School of Business.

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A Democracy?

In 1787, the United States became the first western democracy and a shining example for the rest of the world. That was then, but today one could make a case for the United States rapidly becoming an oligarchy. When the top 20% own 88% of the total wealth and the bottom 40% 0.4% then the direction becomes frightening clear. When the middle class, the foundation of democracy, is declining in numbers and many of those numbers vote for a person who is the prime mover toward oligarchy, then there is one more nail in democracy’s coffin. Then there is a free press which is the watchdog of democracy and it is trying its best to fulfill that function. But how many people seek their news in reliable sources such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, PBS etc.? When a large portion turn to Fox News whose “news” is conspiracy theories, half truths and lies acting as our fearless leader’s Goebbels or they confirm their worst prejudices through talk radio or racists internet sites, then how democratic is the United States? And if you had any doubts, a recent ranking of countries according to how democratic they are, placed the United States at number 21 and in the second group entitled, “flawed democracy.” And the flaw is becoming more and more evident. So where does that leave us? Well, that depends and how much we want to live in a democratic country.

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