Drew Rodgers

I live in Norway with my wife, Inger, and our cat T.J. Maxx and teach International Business Communications at Oslo University College School of Business.

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Political Blues

Published on Tuesday 23. May 2017

I have recorded  political blues which literally speak for themselves.

Trump Train Blues

Medicaid Blues

Rat’s Ass Blues-mp3


Published on Monday 3. April 2017

If anyone is surprised at the chaos and conflicts in Washington, you simply did not read the tea leaves. With a president who is thin-skinned, vindictive, authoritarian and detached from reality (3 million illegal votes for Hillary and wire tapping), then who’s surprised. What might be a bit more surprising is the polarization in the Republican party. What they did to the Democrats for six years, they are now doing to themselves. Can we expect four more years of gridlock? But the biggest story is yet to unfold. Will Russiagate be a replay of Watergate. When heads start rolling, and Reince Reipus’s one might be the first one (remember John Dean?) then the ship may be going down. Stay tuned.


Published on Tuesday 7. February 2017

A typical approach for dictators is to attack and muzzle the press, attack the legal system to neutralize it and convince people that their politicians aren’t to be trusted. Then they say, “trust me, I can fix everything.” Then they do. They fix everything so it functions in their own interests, both economic and political. Sound familiar?

A Respite in Difficult Times

Published on Saturday 14. January 2017

I have been blogging a lot recently due to recent events. It can get a bit heavy so I thought maybe a respite is due. You can scroll down to “The Spirit” and other music. My latino friends say that especially the soundcloud numbers give them “feliz” and maybe they will do the same for you. My novel, “John, Waldo and Henrietta” may not have exactly the same impact, but people who have read it say that it made them think about ideas that they hadn’t considered before. Enjoy.

Trump’s Strategy

Published on Wednesday 11. January 2017

Trump’s strategy is similar to that of cult leaders and leaders of police states.  First he discredits institutions such as the press and the political process and politicians, thus encouraging people to disbelieve everything that is said that does not correspond to his vision. The press in his words are “skum” and Washington politicians are “incompetent.” In doing so he creates a wall between  other people’s vision and ability to run the country and his vision and ability . Once he has isolated his followers  by building this wall, he can then feed them with conspiracy theories and lies to keep them in his fold. He then fires off tweets from behind the barrier attacking the world beyond his barrier to insure that his followers remain isolated and in his fold. The danger is that this wall not only  isolates his followers from reality, but also Trump himself which makes him incapable of dealing with reality. One can draw a parallel to Hitler at the end of WWII where he ran the country into the ground from his bunker. One does not need a physical bunker to run the country down when one has a mental bunker. When we know what Trump’s strategy is, the  question remains,  what is his goal with this strategy?