Drew Rodgers

I live in Norway with my wife, Inger, and our cat T.J. Maxx and teach International Business Communications at Oslo University College School of Business.

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Gut Feeling

Published on Sunday 2. December 2018

Our country is now being run by Donald’s gut feeling. His gut knows more than all his generals, his intel, his Head of the Fed and even more amazing the experts on climatic change. Think what this means for not only the US but the entire world, when his gut is determining our future, a gut that knows nothing about anything, but cheese burgers.

Trump the Fox

Published on Wednesday 14. November 2018

As I suggested below, Trump doesn’t need a Goebbels. He does quite well on his own. But he does have one anyway. It’s Fox News.

And speaking of foxes, the Republicans have managed to install foxes like Brian Kemp to “guard” the political chicken coop. With foxes like him, there won’t be many chickens left after the election. At least not Democratic chickens. And when you factor in voter suppression, the so-called Florida recount and gerrymandering, there won’t be many Americans who believe in the political system. What happens when people stop believing in the system? Let Trump lie to the public and allow the elections to be rigged, and we will soon find out.

Gobbels and Trump

Published on Monday 12. November 2018

Joseph Goebbels once said that if one repeats a lie often enough, people will come to believe it. Trump has obviously read Goebbels because his whole procedure is taken right out of Goebbels’ play book. Let’s hope that we’re not as gullible as Goebbels’ audience and fall for Trump’s lies, fear mongering, racism and hate, his distorted view of “truth”. Because we know what it led to in Nazi Germany.

Democracy or Oligarchy

Published on Wednesday 25. July 2018

If the Koch brothers and their right wing conspirators have their way, the US could wind up becoming an oligarchy. If you doubt my assertion, please read Nancy McLean’s “Democracy in Chains,” which sheds light on the movement toward oligarchy. By the way the US is already on the slippery slope away from democracy and is currently ranked 21st among democratic nations due to gerrymandering, voting restrictions, election fraud and big money in politics. The Koch brothers’ conspirators provide us with ample proof of their aims. Here are some samples:

Mitt Romney’s famous “47% of voters are leeches on productive Americans.” (211)* The Koch brothers and their like feel that most Americans should not vote and support the 180 proposals initiated in 41 states to limit voter participation.

“Public provision for popular needs not only violates the liberty of the taxpayers whose earnings are transferred to others, but also violates of the recipients’ spiritual need to earn their own sustenance.” (213)–Paul Ryan. How polluted is my soul in receiving the social security for which I have paid?

“School lunch programs left children with a full stomach and an empty soul.” (213) A full stomach is a prerequisite for concentration in the classroom and actually learning something. But as we know, the far right is against public schools because the pupils might learn the “wrong things” especially the difference between real news and fake news. Betsy DeVos is doing everything she can to prevent dangerous public schools by replacing them with private schools where the owners can control the curricula.

The courts should be made to “make the protection and enhancement of corporate profits and wealth the cornerstone of our legal system.”(126)–Lewis J. Powell

Unions have been described as “bank robbers.” That could be true, but is not as onerous as Kochites would like us to believe. Unions are “taking” money to provide decent salaries and working conditions. If that is robbery, unions should hit more “banks.”

The Koch brothers’ vision of free enterprise would virtually reduce the function of the state to providing law and order and a strong military and the individual would be left to cope for him/herself against a concentration of power in the hands of a few. Their vision and democracy are not compatible. The question is what do the rest of us think about their vision and what do we intend to do to defeat it?

*refers to the pages in “Democracy in Chains”

Whispering Republicans

Published on Thursday 7. June 2018

They’re whispering in Congress
How can we get rid of this guy
It would be easy if he weren’t so sly
They’re whispering in Congress
His ego deranged erection
Will cost us the November election
They’re whispering in Congress
His trade war will cost us votes
And the song they’re singing
Has many sour notes
So their main question
Is how to secure his ejection
And if they can’t do it
And admit that they blew it
They fear this vindictive rube
Will send the nation down the tube