Drew Rodgers

I live in Norway with my wife, Inger, and our cat T.J. Maxx and teach International Business Communications at Oslo University College School of Business.

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Shakespeare Revisited

Published on Monday 14. May 2018

The Winter of our Discontent
Is now the Winter of our Inevitable Decline
King Richard is now King Donald
My kingdom for a horse
Is now my kingdom for a whore
Made bright by the son of York
Is now, darkened by Donald the dork
King Richard’s is a well known fate
And King Donald’s, a new Watergate?
And soon King Donald’s crown will be shorn
But not before leaving his kingdom forlorn

A health tip

Published on Tuesday 24. April 2018

As I previously mentioned I don’t usually put out blogs about health. However, the vital nature of turmeric is worth sharing. I recently came across an in-depth article about its benefits which I think you would be wise to read: https://dailyhealthclick.com/turmeric-and-curcumin-the-ultimate-guide

Check it out and live more healthily.
to your health
god helse

The unpublished or the unread

Published on Monday 16. April 2018

The two largest categories into which most authors fall are, one, unpublished or two, unread. I fall into the second category but I might have fallen into the first category if, having given up trying to find an agent or publisher, I self-published. I have since wondered if I hadn’t given up so early, that I might have found a publisher. One reason that suggests that I should have held out longer was a quote in a letter of refusal from a major publisher: “We both felt your style was very Joycian.” Which brings me to my question and the possible resolution of my of my question, did I give up too early and maybe could have found a publisher. Here is where you come in, if I may be so bold as to ask for your help. Could you read my novel John, Waldo and Henrietta and share your comments with me? I realize that this might be a strange request, but it would help me as I have written another novel and wonder which route I should go, self-publishing or the long road of trying to find an agent or publisher. Thanks to any of you who could help me with this dilemma. A link to my novel can be found in my blog “A Respite in Difficult Times” on page three.

The American (D)ream

Published on Monday 9. April 2018

Americans live lives of unfilled dreams, dreams which have always been unfulfillable. America is not a country for middle class dreamers. And then in their anger and disillusionment, they pin their hopes on and give their votes to the very one who will ream them, you know where.

Good News, Bad News

Published on Monday 5. March 2018

If Richard Gates or any of the White House culprits throws Paul Manafort under the bus, he may soon have company in the presence of DJ (Dishonest John) Trump. If DJ knew about Manafort’s dealings with the Russians or Kushner’s dealings for that matter, it’s call the movers. That’s the good news because we’ll be rid of the most vengeful, deluded, lying, paranoid (even beats Nixon), divisive, deranged president in American history. But don’t pop the cork on the Dom Perignon. The replacement, Pence, Ryan and McConnell, will only hammer in the last nail in the middle and working class coffin ordered by Trump. When massive cuts hit Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, Planned Parenthood, etc. you can call the undertaker and sing Abide with Me for these classes. That is, unless we get out and vote this year and take back Congress. It’s up to us.